Living Truths: 7 Basic Bible Doctrines

These 7 Basic Bible Doctrines are designed for self-study. By “digging out” the answers to the questions asked in the various doctrines. By “thoroughly” reading and digesting the various truths presented. By “accepting” the truths you discover and “applying” them in your personal life. As a “teaching tool” you can easily divide each doctrine into lessons to fit your specific needs, i.e., the length of time you desire for each lesson, the amount of material you want to cover in that space of time, how long a block of lessons will continue – 6, 8, 12 weeks, etc.

PDF Downloads

  1. The Introduction (16 pages – .5 MB) Discusses such topics as the “What and Why” of Christian Doctrine, “The Scriptures and Tradition” and a “Statement of Faith / Beliefs”.
  2. The Doctrine Of God (14 pages – 1 MB) This doctrine deals with the Existence and Nature of God, including God’s Attributes, and the Subordination of God the Son to God the Father for the purpose of redeeming mankind.
  3. The Doctrine of The Scriptures (20 pages – 21 MB) In this doctrine we work through the basic thoughts of Revelation, Inspiration, Canonization, Illumination and Interpretation.
  4. The Doctrine of Creation (24 pages – 28 MB) Presents the case for a six literal day creation by God: The creation of “The Realm” (domain or territory) and “The Rulers” (the inhabitants who occupy “The Realm”) and Creation versus Evolution.
  5. The Doctrine of Angels (12 pages – 1 MB) Their Origin, Nature, Organization (ranks and functions), Ministry, Rebellion, and Destiny are included in this study.
  6. The Doctrine of Salvation (72 pages – 92 MB) This doctrine is presented from the standpoint of God’s Covenants with mankind. It covers such topics as “Original Sin” and “Man’s Need of Salvation”; “The Basis of Salvation”; “The Abrahamic Covenant”; and the “Old” and “New Covenants”.  It has a number of worthwhile charts and diagrams.
  7. The Doctrine of The Holy Spirit (58pages – 77 MB) This teaching is divided into six sections covering “Who” is the Holy Spirit; His “Promised Coming”; The “Day of Pentecost”; The “Filling”, “Gifts”, and “Sanctifying Ministry” of the Holy Spirit which emphasizes victorious Christian living.
  8. The Doctrine of Last Things (74 pages – 71 MB) The Introduction defines Biblical prophecy and proof of its reliability.  The background presents both the fulfilled and as yet unfulfilled prophecies of Daniel and it looks at the European Union as the nearest and clearest possibility yet seen for ful- filling Daniel chapter 7.  The remainder of the material deals with the “Last Things” in a chronological order — Death and the State of Man Between Death and Resurrection; The First Resurrection; The Great Tribulation;  Armageddon; The Millennium; The Second Resurrection; and The New Heaven and New Earth.