Keys to Spiritual Growth

This book is a basic discipleship training course. The “Keys” were designed for new believers and those who want to grow in their spiritual lives. The “Keys” stress four main topics: Assurance of salvation, Prayer, God’s Word, and Spiritual Disciplines.
Note: People living in the Republic of the Philippines are not permitted to download the following material (A-B-C) listed under “Keys To Spiritual Growth”.

PDF Downloads

  1. The Learner’s Workbook (67 Pages – 3 MB) There are 15 lessons in this student workbook. Each lesson has “homework” assignments, “Summary Review Quiz”, “Personal Response” challenge, and a “Family Activity” section which the student can share and do with his family.
  2. The Leader’s Guide (122 Pages – 34 MB) It provides an 8 point outline for guiding the leader step-by-step through each lesson. It also provides numerous suggestions for making the lesson interesting and relevant.
  3. Visual Aid ChartsMost every lesson uses 4 supplemental Visual Aid Charts