Purpose, Intent, and Desire

The materials listed in this website are intended to be used as tools.

  • Tools for use in discipling new believers.
  • Tools for assisting those who prepare believers for ministry.
  • Tools for those engaged in adult Bible Studies.
  • Tools or supplements for those engaged in theological training.

The intended purpose of the author is that the materials listed in this website may be used free of charge in any form, fashion or manner, without the prior consent of the author.  If after viewing, downloading and/or using these materials you find them worthwhile, please suggest this website to anyone and everyone you think could profit from it.

However, there is one exception. For those living in the Republic of the Philippines, you are not permitted to download or use the materials listed under the title of “God’s Offer” or “Keys to Spiritual Growth”. In the Philippines, these materials are only available through ABCCOP Publishers who have published them in both English and Tagalog. For purchase information please contact ABCCOP Publishers directly.

It is my earnest desire and fervent prayer that the materials listed in this website be used for the Glory of God – Father, Son and Holy Spirit.  Amen.